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Results of the carried out on-going evaluation of the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme

14.10.13 | Home

On-going evaluation of the Programme

The On-going evaluation of the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme was carried out in the period October 2012 - July 2013 and covered the period of implementation of the Programme until 01.07.2012. The scope of the evaluation included:

  • Assess the performance of the Programme and review of its likely impacts as a whole in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, consistency of the management and the implementation of the programme;
  • Measure the effectiveness of certain aspects of the Programme, such as the FLC system, the Programme and project indicators, budget allocations to priorities, planning and launching of calls for proposals, quality of application forms, timeliness and effectiveness of selection procedures, timeliness and effectiveness of contracting procedures etc.;
  • Present an independent opinion and recommendations / proposals for possibilities for improvements in order to ensure high absorption capacity during the Programme implementation as well as providing recommendations for the next programming period.

The Final report of the carried out evaluation, as well as the Executive Summary and the Presentation of the results can be found rar.gifHERE.