CCI 2007CB16IPO006

General overview

This programme Bulgaria - Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme is financed by the European Union through the IPA Fund and co-financed by Bulgaria and Serbia through contributions from state budgets and if applicable - from project beneficiaries.

The programming document drafted jointly by the two countries through a large partnership with national, regional and local stakehloders was approved by the European Commission on 25 March 2008 (Decision no. 1058). It sets out the general framework of intervention of IPA in the Programme cross-border area.

The programme continues the evolution of the EU’s cross-border initiatives, reflected in Neighborhood Programme from 2004 to 2006.



The eligible border area for the Bulgaria - Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme covers a territory of 39 434 sq. km. (20 525 sq. km Bulgarian part and 18 909 sq. km Serbian part). It borders with Romania to the North and with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the South. The border length between the two countries is 341 km, 315 of which land border and respectively 26 km border on river Timok. There are 5 border checkpoints operating alongside the border.

The common Bulgarian-Serbian border area includes 12 administrative units: 6 districts in Bulgaria, which correspond to NUTS level III (EUROSTAT) in accordance with the requirements of the EC Regulation 1059/2003 on NUTS classification and in line with the EC draft Guidance Note of January 2004, and the equivalent NUTS III 6 districts in Serbia.